Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Shannon relocated to Montreal to pursue her love of fashion in 2005.


She always had a fascination with creating and evolving her own look in fashion.


In 2011 Lincoln Harlow was born in Montreal and Jagger Cruz was born in 2017.


Shannon's passion for fashion sparked a life long dream to create Harlow Cruz Collective. 


Our goal at Harlow Cruz Collective is to break down the fashion obstacles and allow women to look amazing behind a stroller, brunch with a BFF, fashionable in an office, working out or even lounging at home on the couch!


All pieces are hand selected in small batches to make stylish clothing and accessories at a variety of price points attainable for you. 


We truly care about each and everyone of you, especially how each piece of clothing fits, feels on your body and of course how it affects your mental health. 


A portion of each sale from our charity collection will be donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association in Winnipeg, Manitoba and to the non profit organization called Taking Charge! 


Taking Charge! holds a near and dear place in Shannon's heart because she attended when she relocated from Montreal to Winnipeg as a single parent. She successfully graduated from the program.


When you DRESS good…You FEEL good…MENTALLY!